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The green Room
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Contact Me

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Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Written something that you'd like me to consider for a future issue? Please get in touch!

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If you're thinking of contributing, be sure to take a look at the "Contributor's Guidelines" section on this page.

Contributor's Guidelines

 This is a place for artist to come and talk about things that might help them in some way or another not a place for any thing to do with any thing else,you'll not get feed back here for anything other than art or art related topics orways to make money to support your acting career.

The type of content I'm looking for (movie reviews, articles about particular subjects, photos, and so on)
In one paragraph or less.
The format in which I'd like to have articles (HTML? text files?) or pictures (.JPG? .GIF? either?)

Subscription Information

If you send me your e-mail address, I'll let you know when there are new postings or when I publish a new edition. That way you can always stay up to date!

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